Digital Banking
That Delivers
Financial Peace of Mind

Project Finance partners with banks and credit unions to deliver seamless, personalized and rewarding digital banking experiences specifically designed to achieve customers’ unique financial goals.

Everything you'd expect from a digital banking provider, plus:

Money is important.
Banks should help.

Money is the #1 source of stress in Americans’ lives, but financial institutions aren’t designed to help navigate the difficulties of managing finances. Beholden to their out-of-the box providers, they’re stuck with antiquated and ineffective banking solutions, destined to underserve their customers.

That’s why we not only reimagined digital banking to be intuitive, convenient, and jam-packed with wellness tools; we’ve ensured our bank and credit union partners are in the driver’s seat, empowering them to design and evolve their solution as needed.

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Take Control of Your Digital Banking Experience

As customer needs and expectations have risen, the scope of digital banking has expanded exponentially. We help you take the reins, putting your institution and its customers first. 

Modular Application Marketplace

Build your ideal platform, whether that's leveraging our existing vendor integrations or connecting to your current partners.

Superior Security

A revolutionary approach to digital banking doesn't mean we've slacked on the basics. Expect best-in-class security tenets, data protection and fraud prevention measures to keep both your institution and your customers safe.

Modern Mission Control

Give your your institution the functionality to support customers and internal team administrators when using your digital banking solution, as well as the ability to customize the experience itself.

Empower Your Customers

Give your customers the tools they need to take control of their financial wellbeing. 

Built-In Financial Wellness Tools

Take the confusion out of financial management to strengthen your customers’ wallets (and your relationships).

Holistic Account Experience

We aim to make managing money as simple as possible; this begins with giving your customers a holistic view of their finances through the connection of external accounts.

Seamless Payments

Make moving money a breeze, whether your customers want to pay a person, pay a bill or transfer funds between accounts.

"Since the first day, Project Finance has treated our problems like their problems. They have made sacrifices out of commitment to helping our organization and driving our vision for our digital banking platform. More than that, they have made those sacrifices for our team members, taking the time to support them, educate them, and make them more successful. That's not typical vendor stuff."
Sean McNair
Vice President of Marketing, Digital Federal Credit Union

Lead the Way

Project Finance ensures your solution is always adapting, improving your digital banking experience both for your institution and your customer.

Evolve and Enhance Your Solution

Our open API platform lets you build and control the digital banking experience that's right for your institution.

Let Data Be Your Guide

Project Finance Analytics are key in better serving both your customers and your business. Whether it's how much to pay or what to build next, our analytics will steer you in the right direction.

Win With Wellness

Financial wellness isn't just a trend; model the way by infusing your banking experience with the tools your customers need to live an economically healthy life.

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