Analytics: The Key to Better Decision Making for You and Your Members

“Applying the science of data analytics to a members-first mindset is the marriage of head and heart that is needed to succeed.”

Don’t you sometimes wish someone would simply tell you the right decision to make instead of the constant deliberation? Data has the power to reveal answers to some of our most critical business questions in this way, but too often, credit unions either don’t have access to it or aren’t using it wisely. 

Credit unions are admirably known for their member-first mentality. However, if credit unions want to compete with the larger institutions out there that use data to optimize their strategy and build ultra-personalized experiences for their customers, it’s imperative they start leveraging this invaluable resource. With data on their side, credit unions can make educated choices that benefit their institutions and the members that are their mission.

The power of data is a crucial aspect of Project Finance’s approach to digital banking. Not only does it shape how we provide tailored and timely recommendations to members to help them achieve their financial goals, but it also empowers our partners to make informed decisions regarding how to evolve their banking experience, improve their offering and more. 

Read on to learn more about how Project Finance Analytics can transform your bank or credit union into a data-driven powerhouse.

I. Leveraging Data: Helping Your Customers 

One of our main objectives at Project Finance is to build personalized digital banking experiences to help customers achieve their unique financial goals. To realize this vision, Project Finance leverages data pertaining to customer’s goals, demographics, financial status, external accounts and more to create a complete picture of who they are financially. We in turn offer bespoke recommendations to drive better decision making and help customers reach financial peace of mind. 

II. Leveraging Data: Helping Your Business 

Harness the power of Project Finance’s analytics to understand customer activity within your digital banking solution. Make data-driven decisions to: 

  •  Market relevant programs and services to customers
  • Understand what products to roll out
  • Shape your roadmap accordingly
  • Learn which channels and messaging are successful
  • Evolve your experience as needed

III. Implementation 

Project Finance has existing integrations with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, so you can transform numbers and graphs into meaningful, actionable insights. Want even more? We are happy to provide you a JSON file containing the raw data as well.

To learn more about Project Finance Analytics, email us at 

Source: Bringing Together the Credit Union Head and Heart with Data,” by Karan Balla

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