Custom Features

Endless Flexibility = Endless Opportunities

We know how important it is to provide a seamless, personalized and innovative banking experience for your members. We also know how difficult it is when you’re beholden to your digital banking provider’s roadmap. Even if you are lucky enough to finally get that shiny new feature launched, chances are it ends up on a crowded page hidden deep within your site. Unfortunately, this is not exactly an ideal solution given how fast the banking industry has been changing (and with it, your members’ expectations, of course). 

As a result, financial institutions “need a technology platform that enables them to rapidly and cost-effectively design, create—or plug in—and deploy new digital products and services. The digital product platform must be: 1) component-based; 2) API-driven; and 3) cloud native,” according to Ron Shevlin, Managing Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors.

With Project Finance’s open system and modular approach, you’re in control to build and position your custom features however you want, not to mention continuously improve your offering to accommodate new technologies and enhancements. We give you access to everything you need to build directly on top of our platform, empowering your team to evolve your digital banking experience as needed. 

What’s a custom feature, you ask? 

Examples might include:

  • Programs
  • Offers
  • Tools and resources
  • Forms and letters
  • Card controls
  • Check orders
  • …and/or any new technology or service you want to incorporate into your digital banking experience to wow your members 🤩

Targeted, Flexible Placement

Custom Features can be interstitial, account-specific and even user-specific so they only appear to customers that fit a certain set of criteria for the most personalized experience possible.

No developers? No problem.

Let us create the features you need to deliver a digital banking experience you’re proud to call your own.

Open API Platform

Quickly add new features, enhance functionality or customize the look and feel of the experience... whenever and however you want

30+ Location Targets

Don't jam all your hard work onto one page; position your custom features where they belong in the experience (so your members can actually use them!)

Consistent Branding

Leverage our shared UI component library to provide members with the streamlined, intuitive experience they deserve, without reinventing the wheel

"The flexibility is like nothing I’ve experienced with a vendor; where typically I am boxed into a white label product, we are afforded the opportunity to truly partner with Project Finance and build the experience right alongside them."

-Lauren Heerlein, Head of Digital Experience at DCU

Want to learn more? 

Request a demo at and learn how custom features are just one way we can help transform your digital banking solution.

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