Banking as we know it has changed. It’s no longer enough to simply facilitate customer transactions; people expect banks to be true partners in their financial journey, providing direction, support and convenience along the way.  

Project Finance gives you the tools you and your customers need to be at the forefront of this transformation. 

Win with Wellness

Our suite of personalized (and proactive!) tools work together seamlessly to help your customers make empowered decisions and take control of their finances, without ever leaving your banking experience.

Proactive Recommendations

Encourage your customers to take timely, high-impact actions by presenting them with personalized suggestions and product recommendations based on their goals and financial situations.


Too many banking tools focus on past spending that can’t be changed. Why not give your customers a glimpse of their financial future, and drive better decision making in doing so? FutureLook™ paints a clear, easy-to-read forecast of a customer’s future based on the choices and decisions they are making today.

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Smart Spend & Save


Life is all about trade-offs, weighing the benefits of splurging on that thing you want now vs. saving for something big further down the road. With Smart Spend & Save, your customers can see that trade-off in real time, track their spending throughout the month, and automatically transfer any savings towards their goals.

Payment Planner

Help customers easily understand the long-term effects of their day-to-day payment decisions:

   “If I paid more on my auto loan, how much interest would I save?” 

   “If I only make the minimum payment, when will I be debt-free?”

By providing answers to the real-life questions your customers face every day, they’ll be one step closer to financial peace of mind on their wellness journey.

Goals-Based Banking

We believe banking should be centered around what matters most to customers: their financial goals. Customers have ample opportunity throughout the platform to create, manage and review progress toward their goals to stay motivated and on track.

The Banking Experience That Improves With Time

We know your needs are unique and will evolve. Our flexible open system and modular approach enables our team and yours to implement new custom features and enhancements, ensuring your solution remains on the cutting edge. No developers?  No problem. We’ll collaborate with your team to bring your feature to life.

The Power of a Holistic Account Experience

In addition to the accounts they hold with your institution, customers can connect, see and manage their external accounts, making your solution a one-stop-shop for their finances, and you at the center of it  all.

Seamless, Consolidated and Customizable Payments

Take the aggregate account experience a step further by empowering your customers to manage all their payments in one single place. Whether they’re chipping away at an auto loan, paying a bill or just a friend back from lunch, customers can quickly and securely make the following types of payments without leaving your app:

  • Account to Account (A2A)
  • Member to Member (M2M) and “On-Us” Payments
  • Person to Person (P2P)
  • Bill Pay
  • Domestic and International Wires

Analytics That Drive Action

Guide Your Customers

Project Finance uses data pertaining to goals, demographics, financial status and external accounts to create a complete financial customer profile. We in turn offer bespoke recommendations to drive better decision making and money management.

Better Your Business

Harness the power of analytics to understand customer activity within your banking solution, and enjoy the competitive advantage of third-party external account data. Make data-driven decisions to market relevant services to customers, shape your roadmap, craft successful messaging and more.

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