Design Your Experience in 5 Simple Steps

With Project Finance, implementation is as easy as five simple steps. We make sure your solution is tailored perfectly to your institution’s needs, ensuring your partnerships and priorities come first.

Step 1: Choose Your Vendors

Coordinating vendors doesn’t have to be painful. Choose from our suite of best-in-class providers, or maintain your existing partners.

Step 2:
Choose Your Digital Banking Features

All the features you have come to expect from a digital banking provider… just better.

Step 3: Add Your Wellness Tools

Strengthen your customers’ wallets and wellbeing by layering in any number of (optional) tools and services into your digital banking experience.

Step 4: Integrate Your Core

Our API adapter framework allows for seamless core implementation with all the leading core providers.

Step 5:
Prepare for Launch

Exercise both flexibility and control in the design and management of your digital solution with our Mission Control panel and custom feature capabilities.

  • Create permissions-based roles for your administrators
  • Design the look and feel of the platform
  • Set everything from payment rules to password requirements
  • Quickly enhance or add new features whenever you want

....All With Superior Security and Fraud Prevention Measures

We know how crucial it is to protect your customers’ most valuable assets, as well as their identities. In addition to adhering to industry best practices, we have partnered with best-in-breed companies to prevent and detect account takeover and other fraudulent activity.

 Read more about how Project Finance fights fraud here.

Want To Learn More?

Check out our Product Guide for an in-depth feature review.