Lead the Way

Banking as we know it has changed. It’s no longer enough to simply facilitate customer transactions; people expect banks to be true partners in their financial journey, providing direction, support and convenience along the way.  

Analytics That Drive Action

Guide Your Customers

Project Finance uses data pertaining to goals, demographics, financial status and external accounts to create a complete financial customer profile. We in turn offer bespoke recommendations to drive better decision making and money management.

Better Your Business

Harness the power of analytics to understand customer activity within your banking solution, and enjoy the competitive advantage of third-party external account data. Make data-driven decisions to market relevant services to customers, shape your roadmap, craft successful messaging and more.

"The flexibility is like nothing I’ve experienced with a vendor; where typically I am boxed into a white label product, we are afforded the opportunity to truly partner with Project Finance and build the experience right alongside them."
Lauren Heerlein
Head of Digital Experience at Digital Federal Credit Union

The Banking Experience That Improves With Time

We know your needs are unique and will evolve. Our open system and modular approach enables our team and yours to implement new features and enhancements, ensuring your solution remains on the cutting edge. No developers?  No problem. We’ll collaborate with your team to bring your feature to life.

Be at the Forefront of
Wellness Banking

The world of digital banking is changing fast, with financial wellness becoming a non-negotiable factor for customers when selecting their bank. Stay ahead of this transformation by choosing a partner that stands for financial peace of mind.

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