The Pulse on Payments: Blockchain, FedNow, P2P and Everything in Between

It’s a very exciting time in the payments industry: a financial institution’s payments capabilities are the #1 most important factor in their digital banking solution, digital currency is changing the way we think about money, and the ability to move money is becoming faster and easier than ever. And that’s just the beginning! With so much going on in the space, our CEO Colby Ross chatted with Mark Dixon, AAP, APRP, NCP of Wespay to get his take as an expert in the space. Watch the full interview, or jump to the topics that interest you using the timestamps in the Youtube video description. 

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  • Mark Dixon, VP, Payments Strategy | Wespay, Senior Payments Consultant | Wespay Advisors
  • email: 
  • phone: 413-373-1188 

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